We deliver consulting services to real estate users, be it for sale/purchase, collaboration, renting or pg services. We work closely with our clients, saving their valuable time and offer best deals. Our customers can rest back, as we take care of everything, right from scanning and selecting properties and negotiating terms & conditions.

Our work profile includes the following services:

  • Understand the requirements of the client and provide initial information on the property market in and around the region (including availability, location alternatives and market rates).
  • Identify the best possible properties (or customers for properties, as the case may be) and Preparation/ analysis of short-list of alternatives.
  • After having singled out a property for a client, Initiation and conclusion of negotiations with all the parties involved in the deal and finalise all the terms and conditions.
  • Check the veracity of the documents related to the property (i.e. it is free from all sorts of disputes, acquisition, litigation or any kind of legal flaws)
  • Formalise the deal hereafter in the form of a written document.
  • We have associated Banks/NBFCs/agents in case of home loan/ construction loan/ LAP requirements.
  • Finally complete the deal (involving payment transaction, handing over of possession and no dues to the purchaser, procurement of stamp papers and registration process in courts).

For the clients requiring construction services we have a complete and skilled team from start to end for hassle free and time bound completion of projects.

Our work profile includes the following services:

  • Understand the requirements/budget of the client and accordingly prepare initial plans and payment structures.
  • To appoint an architect and prepare exact plans and drawings (layout plan, structural/foundation/electrical/plumbing drawings, interiors/ false ceiling/ wardrobe plans, elevation plans, etc.).
  • Take approvals from all the departments concerned (mcd, ndpl, djb, etc.).
  • Appoint all the sub contractors (such as for civil, electrical, plumbing, pest control, carpenter, flooring, P.O.P, front elevation, iron and steel work, painter, glass work, water proofing, elevator etc.), make their work contracts, finalise rates and payment slabs.
  • Appoint building material suppliers and other suppliers.
  • Suggest and help the client in buying all the items of choice from various shops/dealers at the best prices (according to the drawings).
  • Manage complete account and oversee/coordinate day to day work on the site and pace it so that it is complete on time and with safety.

So if you are planning to make a move in the property market, we are ready to assist you so as to make it a very simple and smooth process for you. We are looking forward to serving you and working with you so as achieve the goals that you have set for yourselves.